Nursing Home Negligence


Over 30% of nursing home residents experience abuse. These residents are subject to abuse, whether it is by staff or other residents. These include malnutrition, physical abuse, psychological issues, exploitation, neglect and sexual abuse.

Signs of nursing home neglect:

  • Falls
  • Bad hygiene
  • Bed sores (untreated)
  • Malnutrition/weight loss/dehydration
  • Substandard living conditions
  • Soiled clothes/bed linens
  • Medications not being administered (or being administered improperly)

If you have reason to believe your loved one is a victim of nursing home neglect or abuse, hire a an experienced lawyer you can trust. John Truskett has over 10 years of experience in personal injury cases and cares about his clients. To set up your free consultation, call (918) 392-5444, or email John directly at




Author: truskettlaw

John Paul Truskett Attorney and Counselor of Law John was raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma and attended the University of Tulsa (TU) for undergrad and law school. John graduated in 2001 with a bachelors degree and in 2004 with a Juris Doctorate. John used to represent insurance companies and large corporations. John now helps local folks prosecute safety rule violators. Enforcing the safety rules protects us all from injuries and mayhem.

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